Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Perils for Pedestrians Episode 123

Topics in Episode 123:

  • We travel to Madison, Wisconsin, for the ProWalk/ProBike Conference.

  • We talk with the mayor of Madison about improving conditions for bicyclists.

  • The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin works to create bicycle-friendly communities.

  • The public health agencies also promote bicycling and walking.

  • We meet the author of the Pedestrian Observer.

  • We look at proposed improvements to a busy street in Raleigh, NC.

State Street, Madison

State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, connects the Capitol to the University. The roadway is restricted to bicyclists, buses, and delivery vehicles. With a narrow roadway, more room is left for sidewalks, trees, cafes, benches, bike parking, and other amenities.