Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Perils for Pedestrians Episode 165

Topics in Episode 165:

  • We meet a member of Crown Point Safe Pathways in Indiana.

  • We look at non-motorized planning in northern Indiana.

  • We learn about special events in downtown Valparaiso.

  • We learn about Valparaiso Pathways.

  • We look at the creation of a bike map for Richmond, Indiana.


Wide street with long crosswalk

Wide streets in downtown Crown Point, Indiana, can be difficult for pedestrians to cross. One way to help would be to put in bulb-outs, or curb extensions. Having the curb at the crosswalk extend out to the edge of the parking spaces dramatically shortens the crossing distance for pedestrians. It also puts waiting pedestrians where drivers can see them better. In places where you have diagonal parking, such as around the old courthouse square, the difference is especially great.