Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Perils for Pedestrians Episode 10

Topics in Episode 10:

  • A new report, "Mean Streets", looks at the silent epidemic of pedestrian fatalities under the wheels of the automobile. 6,000 pedestrians die every year in the United States!
  • The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk is the first Sunday in May. 50,000 Maryland residents get up early to participate.
  • A homeowner is happy with his new sidewalk in Bethesda, Maryland
  • A community looks at alternatives to a proposed new highway, which would separate homes from each other and from churches and schools.
  • Intersection of the Month - Lee Highway and Gallows Road in Merrifield, Virginia.


Photo - Mean Streets, Rockville, Maryland

Mean Streets in Rockville, Maryland.

Many intersections has several lanes of busy traffic to cross, without adequate crosswalks or pedestrian signals.