Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Perils for Pedestrians Episode 36 Closed Captions

Topics in Episode 36:

  • The history of the bicycle
  • The STEPS program in British Columbia.
  • Obstacles to wheelchair users in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • The Walkers Win program of the Center for Neighborhood Technology in Chicago.
  • An advocate discusses problems in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.
  • Obstacles to crossing over I-495 in Bethesda, Maryland; I-75 in Cincinnati, Ohio; and I-68 in Cumberland, Maryland.


Photo - historic bicycle

The Bicycle Museum of America
New Bremen, Ohio

The high wheeler was popular around 1880. The large wheel allowed the bicycle to travel very fast, but also made it very dangerous. The introduction of chains and gears allowed bicycles with much smaller wheels to go just as fast. The high wheeler was already obsolete before the golden age of the bicycle in the 1890s.