Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Perils for Pedestrians Episode 113

Topics in Episode 113:

  • We learn about public toilets in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • We drop in on Multimobil Day.

  • We visit the car free village of Braunwald.

  • We hike on Switzerland's extensive network of trails.

  • We visit Magglingen for a conference on transport related physical activity.

  • We talk with a researcher about activity levels in children.

Zurich public toilet

Public toilets in Zurich, Switzerland, are run by their own public agency, Zuri WC. Without such an agency, public toilets are often the orphans of the bureaucracy -- no one wants to have responsibility for them. As a result, they tend to be neglected, and become unsavory places inviting unsavory activities. This has a direct impact on the entire public realm, since sooner or later everyone will be in need of a public toilet.