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Gallery of Pipeline Right-of-Way Trails

There are 192,000 miles of petroleum pipelines and 217,000 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines in the United States. Natural gas and petroleum pipelines typically have substantial Right Of Ways that stretch for dozens or hundreds of miles. With the pipes out of the way underground, these ROWs are often excellent locations for trails.

Here are some examples of the many existing trails along pipeline ROWs. They look just like ped/bike trails you would find anywhere. For more information on pedestrian use of utility ROWs, see the Right of Way page.

Olney, - wide grassy ROW with paved trail.

A paved trail along one side of a natural gas pipeline corridor connects the adjacent neighborhoods. In addition to the trail, portions of the wide ROW are mowed frequently to create a grassy space for families to run, play ball, and recreate in other ways.

Mays Landing, New Jerseyphoto - paved Knights Bridge Path.

The Knights Bridge Path follows a natural gas pipeline in a narrow Right Of Way along the edge of a neighborhood.

West Windsor, New Jerseyphoto - trail along trolley line and pipeline.

The Trolley Line Trail shares a wide ROW with high tension power lines and a petroleum pipeline. The trail runs east of the pylons, the pipeline runs west.

Long Valley, New Jerseyphoto - gravel Columbia Trail.

The Columbia Trail follows an abandoned rail line that is now home to a pipeline for the Columbia Gas Company. It is in mostly rural areas of Hunterdon and Morris Counties.

Omaha, Nebraskaphoto - Westin Hills trail

The Westin Hills Trail shares the Right Of Way with a pipeline, powerlines, and fiber optic lines.

Photograph courtesy Donald Wetmore.

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